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  Cache Type Description Tags Status
Configuration Various XML configurations that were collected across modules and merged CONFIG Enabled
Layouts Layout building instructions LAYOUT_GENERAL_CACHE_TAG Enabled
Blocks HTML output Page blocks HTML BLOCK_HTML Enabled
Collections Data Collection data files COLLECTION_DATA Enabled
Reflection Data API interfaces reflection data REFLECTION Enabled
Database DDL operations Results of DDL queries, such as describing tables or indexes DB_DDL Enabled
Compiled Config Compilation configuration COMPILED_CONFIG Enabled
EAV types and attributes Entity types declaration cache EAV Enabled
Customer Notification Customer Notification CUSTOMER_NOTIFICATION Enabled
Integrations Configuration Integration configuration file INTEGRATION Enabled
Integrations API Configuration Integrations API configuration file INTEGRATION_API_CONFIG Enabled
Page Cache Full page caching FPC Enabled
Web Services Configuration REST and SOAP configurations, generated WSDL file WEBSERVICE Enabled
Translations Translation files TRANSLATE Enabled
Vertex Vertex tax calculation data VERTEX Enabled

Additional Cache Management

Pregenerated product images files

Themes JavaScript and CSS files combined to one file

Preprocessed view files and static files